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Rebellion draws on Prefix IT for real time asset management
Date Added: Tue April 17 2007
Rebellion, one of Europe’s largest independent game developers, has chosen Prefix IT’s real time asset and network management tool PrefixNE.  Rebellion has more than doubled in size in the last 18 months and this dramatic growth led the company to review its approach to automated asset management. 

Following extensive evaluation of competitive products, PrefixNE was selected to replace the existing asset management system as it offered superior functionality.  Dan Thomas, IT Manager at Rebellion, explains:  “Working for a dynamic and ambitious organisation, the objective is always to find better ways of doing things and PrefixNE offered great time savings as well as a leap forwards in terms of performance.  Real-time reporting is hugely useful to us.  For instance, tasks such as client inventory which were taking an hour can now be completed in 10 minutes.”

Using PrefixNE’s real time functionality Thomas’ team is able to ensure best efficiency in network performance and distribution of hardware and software resources amongst teams to avoid over-licensing costs as well as the potential legal pitfalls of under-licensing.  “Peace of mind is an important benefit too”, says Thomas.  The team of 6 is now responsible for over 280 full time programmers, artists and designers all of which are highly dynamic and rely on superlative IT support to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency. 
On the topic of ease of use Thomas says:  “The PrefixNE server installation was very, very easy.  In fact the whole implementation process was excellent and straightforward.  We’ve really found it easy to administer since then too.  The users haven’t even noticed the change, and that’s as it should be.” 

Three months after installation Thomas confirms that PrefixNE has lived up to its early promise and is delivering significant time savings for the team even though only 50% of functionality is being used.   Thomas agrees software functionality can be more fully exploited and he will be looking at implementing stronger security and policy management using PrefixNE in the future. 

“Rebellion’s IT team is working in a highly demanding environment; we’re delighted to be part of the team and hope we can continue to add value as the organisation expands.”

About Rebellion
Winning ‘Developer of the Year’ and ‘Most Improved Developer of the Year’ at the TIGA Awards and Develop Industry Excellence Awards respectively, has made 2006 one of the most successful years in Rebellions® history.

The UK-based computer games super-developer was established in 1992 by brothers Jason and Chris Kingsley.
Their first major success was Aliens Vs. PredatorTM on PC in 1999, creating game innovations years ahead of their time.
As their name suggests, their approach to game production is focused primarily on cross-platform innovation and product quality. Their purchase of the UK sci-fi comic 2000 AD in 2000 and subsequent motion picture productions has provided valuable in-sight and experience in creating its unique product portfolio.

In 2005, Sniper Elite™ was released with Namco and MC2, securing critical acclaim, global sales success and winning the TIGA Award for ‘Best PC/Console Game 2005’. Lauded as ‘The Gran Turismo of war games' by the gaming press, it has built upon the collection of Rebellion® owned IPs, which includes World War Zero® and the 2000 AD character Rogue Trooper®.

In 2006, Rebellion® productions included Miami Vice: The Game with Vivendi Games on PSP, James Bond: From Russia with Love with EA on PSP and Rogue Trooper® with Eidos on PlayStation®2, Xbox® and PC DVD. 
In the summer of 2006, Rebellion® purchased the Core Design studios, responsible for the Lara Croft - Tomb Raider series and Strangelite studios in Liverpool. These acquisitions established the company as one of the biggest and most innovative studios within the European development community.

From July to December 2006, Rebellion® won ‘Most Improved Developer’ at the Develop Industry Excellence Awards, was nominated for two BAFTA awards for Best Character and Best Screenplay  for Rogue Trooper® and won the TIGA Awards for ‘Best Developer’ and ‘Best Hand-held and console game’ for Miami Vice: The Game.

2007 is Rebellions® 15th anniversary and has seen the company acquire the Awesome Studio from Ignition in March increasing its staff to 280 personnel. In the summer of 2007, Rebellion will move its operation to new premises in Oxford, UK and will complete a number of their global licensed and next-gen projects.
Website: www.rebellion.co.uk

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