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Netstore adopt Prefix solution to ensure total visibility across the PCs at all three offices
Date Added: Wed February 15 2006

Netstore adopt Prefix solution to ensure total visibility across the PCs at all three offices

Netstore, an AIM-listed company, provides a comprehensive suite of outsourced IT software and services to its clients. It has particular strength in the local authority, finance, banking, insurance and legal sectors, and its customers include leading UK companies.

The Challenge
Key to Netstore's success has been the outstanding level of service it provides customers. That means sticking to service level agreements, and exceeding customer expectations. To provide a first class service on a continual basis, Netstore requires a reliable internal IT platform.

"Because we are in the IT business, our in-house systems tend to be advanced", says Floyd Grant, Information & Communications Technology Director. "We have 200 PCs spread across three sites - Bracknell, Cambridge and Gateshead. Our job is to keep this infrastructure on an even keel, in the most efficient way possible, so that Netstore can look after its customers."

A vital part of this task is controlling the PCs within the organisation. "We need total visibility across the PCs at all three offices, and to be able to control how those PCs are set-up and used." says Floyd. "That means seeing hardware and software inventory, installing and removing software and enforcing policy."

The Solution
Netstore adopted PrefixNE because it answered these demands without placing additional strain on the IT department. "We don't want to deal with PCs on a one-by-one basis. It is just too time consuming. PrefixNE allows us to manage our PCs in groups, so we don't have to repeat the same process again and again. It is a very powerful tool", says Floyd. "PrefixNE gives us a clear view of everything that is happening on our PC network, so we can react faster than ever before. For a growing business like ours, that sort of agility is a real advantage."

Netstore was able to see savings from Prefix immediately. "PrefixNE is making our IT so much more efficient. Taking on the product actually allowed us to defer hiring an additional person in the IT department" says David Blundell, Netstores's Chief Operating Officer. "Buying PrefixNE was an easy decision for us."

PrefixNE enables IT professionals to control all the PCs in the network from a single point of administration. PrefixNE combines a broad array of functionality, including:

Group Actions – IT managers can instruct PrefixNE to modify any group of PCs in a single keystroke, including software uploads, patches and registry fixes.
Real Time Alerts – an Alert Bar provides real time notification of software of hardware modifications, or repeated system alerts. These alerts can be set to automatically notify IT managers of critical problems with SMS messages to mobile phones, beepers or via e-mail.
Policy Enforcement – PrefixNE prevents the opening of hazardous or unwanted applications (like P2P software), applications from being mistakenly or intentionally closed and can stop shared folder creation. USB Guard……
Online Assistance - support queries are logged and dealt with in a structured fashion through PrefixNE’s simple but effective, network-wide helpdesk system.
  Inventory - PrefixNE provides IT managers with real-time hardware and software inventory, and software license tracking.

About Prefix IT Ltd.
Prefix IT Ltd develops and markets Total PC Management software to IT professionals and Managed Service Providers. Prefix products offer small and medium sized businesses (SME) with the broad functionality only available until now to large enterprises. Prefix is backed by a group of investors advised by Goldman Investments. The antecedents of Goldman Investments go back to the late David Goldman, founder and Executive Chairman of The Sage Group plc (LSE: SGE). In more recent times, Goldman Investments has been closely involved in the development and, in 2004, listing of Invu (AIM: NVUK), a leading European document management software company. For more information, please visit http://www.prefixit.com.


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