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Putting a price on IT: The biggest challenge of all?
Mon November 12 2007
Some things just don’t change, or should that be, ‘some people’? Every few months new figures emerge to show that despite a decade long campaign by analysts and powerful...
Dealing with the Facebook Phenomenon Effectively
Thu September 20 2007
The tone of recent news stories about the dangers of Facebook has been quite hysterical and many IT directors can be forgiven for feeling under threat from the phenomenon. But...
Prefix IT Calls for ‘joined-up’ thinking in SMEs to save money and energy
Mon September 3 2007

Silo mentality means 50% of SME departments don’t liaise over budgets

PrefixNE Wins Four Star Rating From PC PRO Reviewers
Fri August 31 2007
IT teams must get serious about project delivery
Wed July 11 2007
Not only is IT a business driver, it is a profitability driver – so says new research from the Economist Intelligence Unit. The research which looked into the issue of IT...
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