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Cracking down on fraud
Keeping on top of Compliance and the to do list just keeps growing
19-February-2007 Cracking down on fraud

The NHS is launching a software-based crack-down on fraud, which apparently costs millions of pounds annually. Using sophisticated analysis techniques like those used to predict credit card fraud, the NHS looks like they’re on the road to getting a grip of the problem. Great - I’m sure all tax-payers would applaud the action; it’ll save money and that makes sense.

But why isn’t this idea replicated across all public sector organisations? Because they don’t have the lavish budgets the NHS enjoys. For instance, most schools IT teams still rely on hand-compiled, quarterly asset registers to keep track of their IT estate and of course that doesn’t work and ultimately costs more time and money than a real-time automated solution.

An IT estate is not an inanimate object, it’s organic and it changes every day as users use the applications, interact with each other and break stuff!

And if you don’t know what’s on the network, how can you know what’s NOT on the network any more. How many IT managers anywhere really have a handle on what fraud may be taking place within their organisations? Very few I bet. What do you think?

07-February-2007 Keeping on top of Compliance and the to do list just keeps growing

To do lists are generally a good thing; in fact, they’re probably essential if you’re in IT management with an ever expanding remit. It can often seem that each activity crossed off is replaced by two new ones, each of which is probably more onerous that the last.

Compliance is just such a case in point as the list of issues keeps growing. Software and licence compliance, internal policy compliance, availability and uptime targets etc. These are ongoing IT management issues which never truly leave the ‘to do list’, which makes it even more important to ensure that efficient systems are in place to maximise time and resources available and avoid the
penalties for non-compliance.

On which note, be warned: there were some amendments to the Companies Act at the end of last year which will concern IT managers. From 1st January, all UK companies have to include the company registration details on websites and all electronic business documents, including emails or risk a fine. So, there’s another item for your ‘to do’ list.

Let us know your views on managing compliance, and where it figures in your list of top 5 priorities for 2007

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