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Security is scary
Business continuity
Are you a Gazelle yet?
28-March-2007 Security is scary
Security is scary – and the penalties for not getting it right are positively terrifying. The Nationwide lost a laptop and the penalty was a fine of £1.4m from the FSA.

Obviously, there are few organisations that can absorb that kind of bill and none that afford it. You may not be a big financial service organisation but you do hold financial details on your customers, and employees. Ensuring effective policies for compliance and security is a big deal for every organisation. Payroll data for instance could be compromised leading to ID theft for employees.

But for the most past this is not an issue to lose sleep over. Simple solutions do exist – and they can be ridiculously easy to install and run and not even very costly. Data theft via the USB port is almost as easy to eliminate as it is widespread. Remote management of PCs and laptops is a snap and in most cases the management time involved is minimal. Removal of viruses or malicious code can be achieved painlessly with two clicks of a mouse.

Any one of these is a good enough reason to look at real-time ITAM (IT Asset Management), but maybe the most relevant is the peace of mind control brings! 

28-March-2007 Business continuity

Today’s news of Al-Qaeda’s foiled plot to blow up Telehouse, the UK’s Internet hub, should give us all pause for thought. Business risk is a fact of business life, but one that many companies choose to steadfastly ignore. Yet here is a very real example of how the threat of terrorism could affect us all and our businesses too.

There are many approaches to managing today’s organic network assets in a disaster recovery context; but they all start with automated, real-time asset management.

Automated asset management is not some dull housekeeping task; it could materially impact the speed with which a company recovers from a disaster and therefore the companies’ actual survival. What’s more, it’s often not the huge and time-consuming task that many organisations think it is. In most cases, full auditing and network discovery can be performed within minutes of ITAM software being installed.

So, imagine business life without Internet access and ask yourself why you don’t have a business continuity plan in place. Your board might be asking you this question tomorrow.

06-March-2007 Are you a Gazelle yet?

Business Week has just published its annual listing of ‘Europe’s Hot Growth Companies’. It is inspirational to learn that the list is dominated by the entrepreneurial mid market; although these luminaries range in size, around 65% of those in the chart have between 100 and 1,000 employees. These small, yet dynamic and agile organisations all display huge job-creating power and are defined as gazelles according to the MIT’s economist David Birch.

So, the first question is how to be a gazelle? Of course, business success for these companies can be attributed to many characteristics; leadership, vision, determination, insight and energy. But efficiency plays a huge part too. Whether you’re talking about time or other resources, each division and each team must be as effective as possible as each team plays their part in the overall success.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? IT’s at the heart of these efficiencies, whether it’s delivering network performance or speedy turnaround on help desk queries.

So the second question might be: what are you doing to encourage efficiency and could you do more? As always, the success of the IT team depends not only on delivery of services but also successful avoidance of failures, security breaches, non-compliance issues.

If your team doesn’t already use ITAM it could change its efficiency rating dramatically, this week - or even today.

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