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The luxury of a new leaf
Investing in Tech
Spring cleaning your weekdays
14-May-2007 The luxury of a new leaf

Morrisons, the supermarket chain, has announced that it is embarking on a major overhaul of its IT systems. With a budget of £110m it will be making radical changes and moving hardware platforms and switching from bespoke to packaged software. Interestingly, the retailer denies that it will be incorporating any leading edge technologies as competitive advantage doesn’t lie in IT but in other areas.

Hmmm, well ‘Yes’ and ‘No’! IT can bring competitive advantage when it’s implemented and managed correctly. But too often, IT budget is lavished on glamorous budgets which fail to deliver either ROI or commercial advantage, whilst straightforward IT management issues are left unresolved.

The opportunity of changing everything and dispensing with legacy hardware and software is something that rarely happens. Most IT managers need to implement a ‘make do and mend’ to stretch their time and budget.

However, given the luxury of a new leaf, 99% of IT managers would install IT Asset Management and an asset register from the word go. Without the struggle of legacy license reconciliation, the path to better managed resources is clear and the ROIs clear and irrefutable.

Given the chance to start again, what would you change about your current approach?


14-May-2007 Investing in Tech

From the land of the painfully obvious come the results of a recent BTs research project. According to the responses of over 150 SME directors, UK businesses are not investing enough time or money in ensuring that their technology is up to snuff.

The analyst house, Quocirca, points out that most enterprises have to focus on the daily issue of keeping the business going. Mostly these businesses just can’t find the time to analyse and plan their tech investment.

But it’s not just that….the motivation needs to be there and a significant improvement in efficiency, budget or workload is simply not enough. The fact is that human nature dictates that most of us do nothing until it’s really necessary. It takes a deadline or a disaster to make us act.

Asset Management for instance is a proven approach to reducing costs and cutting the workload for the IT team, yet take-up is still hovering around the 40% mark – not much advance on where it was 5 or even ten years ago.

But the fact is that businesses which ignore technology management strategies are putting themselves in the path of a potential disaster, whether through non-compliance or increased competition.

14-May-2007 Spring cleaning your weekdays

Yes I know you’re busy, but spare just one second to look out of the window; had you noticed that spring has sprung, buds are bursting and that there’s an unforced optimism in the air?

If the answer is a rhetorical and grumpy ‘so what?’ there’s a good chance that it’s a work-related issue that’s to blame. Work is a massive factor in all our lives, sometimes it’s a positive one and sometimes not. Stress, pressure of work, impossible deadlines and workplace politics can all sap our energy and enjoyment in the workplace but loss of control is sometimes the hardest aspect to deal with.

Network managers know this territory well; the daily demands on them to ensure uptime, quick response to user requests and continual fire-fighting mean they feel the burn daily. But the remedy may already lie in their own hands. The answer to a better work mentality, as well as improved services, lies in better planning and the achievement of stretching goals which provide the proof of progress and success.

So this week, why not take one hour out to consider what you might achieve this week strategically if you took control, what ‘quick wins’ scored in March could also make a difference to your working life throughout the year? The chances are you already know at least three answers to this question.

New Year’s resolutions are now a distant memory for most of us, but spring represents a second chance, as does every Monday, to reassess priorities and change working methods for the better.

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