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Prefix IT announces MSP version of PrefixNE in response to predicted demand
Date Added: Mon July 3 2006
75% of MSPs expect to grow customer base in SME community

Prefix IT Ltd., the leader in Total PC Management tools for SMEs, announced today that it has tailored its software for use by Managed Service Providers (MSPs) serving the SME community. PrefixNE V3. has been designed to allow MSPs to offer total PC management cost-effectively for SMEs which have as few as 5 PCs whilst also being fully scaleable to cater for organisations with employees in the thousands.

The new product called PrefixMSP allows MSPs to grow their own businesses by enabling them to offer a broader range of services to multiple clients through a single console whilst ensuring data integrity is maintained. Such additional services include preventing data loss through external storage devices via USB, Bluetooth and Infra red, authoring and monitoring of PC policy, blocking the introduction of non-compliant or malicious software applications and ensuring software licence compliance.

“Smaller SMEs face one of the most difficult IT challenges; they must meet exactly the same PC management and compliance demands as large companies but with far fewer resources,”.

The introduction of PrefixMSP follows the company’s recent market research* showing that 75% of MSPs expect to expand their customer base amongst SMEs in the next year and 63% anticipate the emphasis shifting from infrastructure management to application management. 87% of respondents also report that they connect remotely to their customers’ networks via broadband enabling them to offer enhanced services through the use of products like PrefixMSP..
The SME community is essential to the economic health of the nation. DTI figures for 2004 estimated that of the 4.3 million business enterprises in the UK, 99.9% were small to medium sized and that the sector accounts for more than half of the UK’s jobs and business turnover. The UK government expects the number of SMEs to increase to over 5 million by 2010.

The MSP sector is flourishing in response to business demand from SMEs as they look to IT to deliver business advantage. Microsoft initiated a SBS (small business specialist) programme in June 2005 which already has 7,000 members globally with 1,000 UK members forecasted by the end of 2006. These small business specialists are ideally placed to use PrefixMSP to expand their client offering from reactive support activities to proactive security and compliance services.
“An awareness of their security and compliance responsibilities means that more and more SMEs are turning to MSPs to provide proactive IT support,” Pitts-Drake continued. “However, often these service providers are small organisations themselves and need to work with software tools that are structured appropriately, are affordable and easy to implement and administer.”

PrefixMSP enables MSPs to control all the PCs in a customer’s network from a single, remote administration point. PrefixNE combines a broad array of functionality, including:

Securing Data – prevents the loss of data by selectively preventing the use of external storage devices like disk on key, MP3 players and external hard drives via USB, Bluetooth and infra red
Policy Enforcement - prevents the opening of hazardous or unwanted applications (like MSN, Skype and Kazaa), and prevents applications from being mistakenly or intentionally closed (e.g. anti virus) and can stop shared folder creation which in itself can lead to the propagation or Trojans, worms and viruses.
Group Actions - modify any group of PCs in a single keystroke, including software uploads, patches and registry fixes
Inventory - PrefixNE provides IT managers with real-time hardware and software inventory, and software license tracking ensuring license compliance
Real Time Alerts - an Alert Bar provides real-time notification of software or hardware modifications, or repeated system alerts. These alerts can be set to automatically notify MSPs of critical problems with SMS messages to mobile phones, beepers or via e-mail.

The software is available immediately and is sold on a subscription basis to mirror the pricing model offered by the majority of MSPs who charge monthly. Prices are as little as £2 per pc per month which means that MSPs will see an immediate return on investment.

* Research was conducted by an independent research company amongst MSPs via telephone interviews in April 2006

About Prefix IT Ltd.
Prefix IT Ltd develops and markets Total PC Management software to IT professionals and Managed Service Providers. Prefix products offer small and medium sized businesses (SME) the broad functionality only available until now to large enterprises. Prefix is backed by a group of investors advised by Goldman Investments. The antecedents of Goldman Investments go back to the late David Goldman, founder and Executive Chairman of The Sage Group plc (LSE: SGE). In more recent times, Goldman Investments has been closely involved in the development and, in 2004, listing of Invu (AIM: NVUK), a leading European document management software company. For more information, please visit
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