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PrefixNE in action in the charity sector

Having worked with a number of organisations in the charity sector, Prefix IT understands the typical network management requirements of such bodies:

Full control over PC assets

Tools to ensure software licensing compliance

Strict control of costs

Hermitage Housing in Hampshire approached Prefix IT, looking for a solution to address these requirements. In common with many charities, the Housing Association had been using a number of disparate network management tools, none of which could deliver the up to date asset management information, nor the levels of control that were required.

"Our 'string-and-sticking-plaster' solution was OK as far as it went," said Leon Aylmer, Systems Manager, "But we needed a much more immediate and robust way of assessing our software licensing compliance, and much better controls over the ways in which PCs on the network were being used. PrefixNE hit both nails, and more, squarely on the head."

PrefixNE gives Hermitage Housing comprehensive, real time asset management, allowing the Systems team to pull off fully up to date network-wide hardware and software asset audits, instantly, whenever required.

The suite also allows the use of specific software, such as web browsers and peer-to-peer applications to be limited to certain times of day, or prohibited entirely, for specific users or groups of users. Use of external media such as CD-ROMs and USB connected devices can be similarly controlled, closing off major opportunities for data theft and the introduction of malicious code to the network.

"PrefixNE is great," the Hermitage Housing's Systems Manager observed. "It's hugely powerful - we now have full control over, and fully accurate information on, every single hardware and software asset on the network. We know exactly where we stand in terms of software licensing. And it's superbly easy to use."

The suite's subscription pricing model was also particularly attractive: "As a charity, we don't have the resources for major capital outlays," he explained, "So the simple and impressively low monthly subscription charges suit us right down to the ground."

PrefixNE brings professional, rigorous, real time network asset and software licensing management, and full control over network usage – previously the preserve of blue chip corporates – within the reach of charitable organisations, saving time and money, and reducing risk.

PrefixNE. Power and control over your network assets.


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