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Support: Installation FAQs
What is the Backup feature?
The Backup capability can be used to force a user to backup his files without taking care of it himself. Frequently, The IT manager tries to educate users to backup their files to the server. The reason is mostly that the servers are backed up frequently while users local disks are not. Yet users tend to 'forget', and keep saving their files locally. Sure enough - on the first occasion of a disk-failure/virus-hit/system-crash/malfunction or user error, the files are forever lost! To use this feature: At the PrefixNE console, go to "Policy" -> "Backup", and add or change rules as you wish (Remember to click the "Apply" button in the end). A rule may contain variables, which are interpreted during execution of the script. You may inspect a rule interpretation (on the current machine) by clicking the”test” button. Variables can be creates freely, or you may use predefined variables (like the %user or %windir... listed in the gray list box). Just remember to add an "%" suffix if you use a variable in a rule. Writing rules uses the good old DOS batch-file / NetWare logon-script / Windows-profiles convention (i.e.. adding "%" before a variable). Back up occurs every 60 minutes (counted from the time the PrefixNE client has been launched) on each workstation.
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