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Support: Installation FAQs
How do I update my copy of PrefixNE to the latest version?

PrefixNE Software updates, are available to registered users with a valid PrefixUP License.

PrefixUP is included in first year purchase fee, and needs to be refreshed from second year on. 

To download the latest version (Update) you are kindly requested to follow the instructions on 

Once you have downloaded the latest file you may with to do one of the following:

Update/Upgrade your repository files

  • Save the file on your desktop
  • Run the file
  • Folow screens until you reach "Maintenance Mode" screen
  • Select "Update"
  • Tick your relevant repository
  • Click "Update" and follow instructions.
  • All installed consoles will autoupdate (once they are run, within 15 minutes).

Update/Upgrade your Console installation

  • Complete "Update/Upgrade your repository" above,
  • Open (Run) each installed console, if upgrade does not occur immediately, allow the console to run ~15 minutes.
  • If upgrade did not occure:
    • On the relevant machine, please run "setup.exe" directly from the LT_CMD$ share:
      • Click "start" -> "run" -> type "\YourPrefixNERepositoryServerLT_CMD$Setup.exe" (replace "YourPrefixNERepositoryServer" with the propper computer name)
      • In the setup program forward to the first option screen and select "Reinstall or Repair"
      • Then Select "Prefix Console", and follow instructions on the screen.

If you encounter any difficulty pleaseStar jerseycontact us.

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