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PrefixNE in action in the IT and telecoms sector

With many years in the industry themselves, the Prefix IT team understand the day-to-day network management needs of companies in the IT and telecoms sector, running complex networks and business-critical applications:

Effective, real time asset management

Outstanding IT support for users

The ability to retain full control over all aspects of the network, especially during periods of rapid growth

Tools to ensure compliance with software vendors' licensing requirements

Tools to ensure network efficiency and availability
Rebellion, one of Europe's largest independent game developers, chose PrefixNE to replace its existing asset management system. With 280 full time programmers, artists and designers on the network, excellent user support was essential. It was also important that network efficiency and availability could be depended upon, and that all software in use was properly licensed. And having doubled in size in 18 months, rigorous control over the network was an absolute necessity.

With PrefixNE's real time asset management tools, Rebellion's IT staff now know exactly what hardware and software assets exist on the network at any given time. They can also easily identify whether each software asset is correctly licensed or not, and can control which applications individual users can and cannot use.

"Working for a dynamic and ambitious organisation, the objective is always to find better ways of doing things and PrefixNE offered great time savings as well as a leap forwards in terms of performance. Real time reporting is hugely useful to us. For instance, tasks such as client inventory which were taking an hour can now be completed in 10 minutes," commented Dan Thomas, IT Manager at Rebellion.

PrefixNE delivers the fine degree of control necessary in a rapidly growing network environment, through powerful real time asset management, software license monitoring and tools to allow almost any network management task to be undertaken from a single, central console.

Rebellion Case study

PrefixNE. Power and control over your network assets.


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