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PrefixNE in action in the professional services sector

Through experience, Prefix IT has grown to understand that businesses in the professional services sector rely on complex PC networks to deliver business-critical services. Fundamental requirements include:

Outstanding client data security
Full, demonstrable software licensing compliance
Excellent service availability
Effective remote workforce management, to support those working at client sites, from home or in satellite offices
Effective network monitoring, to identify and deal with threats before they damage the business

Morris Owen, the Chartered Accountants, was originally interested in PrefixNE for its ability to tackle data security issues, and in particular those arising from the increasing use of USB-connected devices such as PDAs and memory sticks. The practice quickly discovered that PrefixNE offers a range of other benefits including automated asset management, compliance monitoring, real-time reporting and remote management of network assets.

"Prefix had a deep understanding of our business drivers and we found that the product allowed us to lock down the data theft issue once and for all. Instantly, our security was lifted to the next level," said Ian Sumbler, Partner responsible for IT.

Other security and productivity challenges, such as the unauthorised use of instant messenger services, were also dealt with swiftly. "It was the work of a moment to disallow such applications and with a tick in a box they became history," Sumbler explained.

Built on a unique real time asset management engine, PrefixNE puts a full inventory of network hardware and software at the IT professional's fingertips at any time. With just a few clicks in one central console, applications can be restricted to specific users or specific times of day, or prohibited altogether. New software, upgrades and patches can be deployed. Network monitoring for specific threats can be put in place and full end-point security implemented.

The suite puts the IT Manager in control of hardware and software assets, ensures effective network management decisions and saves time by automating a wide range of day-to-day tasks.

Click here to view the PrefixNE Morris Owen Case Study


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