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Should reducing your carbon footprint be a priority for your organisation?

Many organisations, schools, colleges, local councils, are beginning to understand that by reducing their enviornmental impact and carbon footprint they actually benefit in many ways, one of which is the reduction of costs through energy efficiency.

A community comprehensive and sixth form college in Sussex bought PrefixNE not only to manage and control its IT assets but also to reduce electricity costs and their IT carbon footprint. They were aware that around half the PCs were not being switched off at the end of the day or at weekends. By utilizing PrefixNE and setting the scheduled PC shutdown feature they found that they could reduce the electricity costs by over £20,000* and, as a result, significantly reduce their carbon footprint.

Typical power usage of a PC is 350 Watts per hour
In standby mode PCs consume 70% of this – therefore a PC consumes 245 watts per hour (or 0.245 KW per hour)
PCs could be switched off for 16 hours per day (between 5pm in the evening to 9am in the morning the following day) on Mon/Tues/Weds/Thurs therefore 64 hours per week.
PCs could be switched off for 64 hours at the weekend) between 5pm on a Friday and 9am on the following Monday.
Therefore the total time a PC could be switched off per week is 128 hours
50% of PCs are not switched off in term time
Term times equal 39 weeks per year
The Cost of Electricity is 6p per KW hour

The result
600 PCs at 50% not switched off = 300
300 PCs consuming 0.245kw/h at 6p per KWh = £4.41 per hour
£4.41 per hour x 128 hours x 39 weeks = £22,014 per year savings on electricity

For a FREE energy saving quotation and to find out how PrefixNE can help you to reduce your carbon footprint and reduce costs in the process contact us or call 0845 222 0420.

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