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Support: General FAQs

Corrupt database - strange entries - how to fix. Fixing faulty entries in the database:

These entries occasionally occur due to Antivirus interfering with the Agents communications, or a bad mixture of old agents with new ones.

To fix the database, download this tool Here, and follow these instructions:
Run the tool.
It should identify your repository automatically (if an agent is installed on your machine).
If it does not - click "add" and insert the repository name (just the server name, the tool will automatically add LT_CMD$ or LT_LOG$)
To start the cleanup - just 'check' the relevant repository and let the tool run.

Generally it would run periodically (time intervals appear on the spin edit box on the top toolbar.
it is recommended that you let the tool run for about an hour. this way - noisy agents are periodically cleaned up, until they locate their actual entry on the database.

Uncheck the repository, and click the 'Clean Database Faulty entries" button.
This will remove the faulty entries from the console's view as well.
It is recommended to run just this part on each computer having a console.
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