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Support: General FAQs

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Corrupt database - strange entries - how to fix.   One on One actions fail to connect   Scripting language - command listing   How to download Upgrades/Updates, Trial versions and more.   PrefixNE Promotes virus-definition files, and configuration files automaticaly.   Can I see all the PC assets (hardware and software) in my organisation?   I need to clean up a virus across the network; how can PrefixNE help me?   I know about a ‘back door’ existing in specific software in my organisation; can I remove it with PrefixNE?   Can I interact with a PC-user through PrefixNE?   Does PrefixNE create a security breach in my network?   Can PrefixNE assist in detecting intruders?   Can a PC-user remove the PrefixNE thin-agent from his machine?   We have critical workstations - will PrefixNE interfere with their operation?   I have PC-users abusing my network with P2P. Will PrefixNE help me control them?   Is PrefixNE the right choice for me?   Can PrefixNE be used behind routers running Network Address Translation?   Can I use PrefixNE thin-agents behind a firewall or a NAT?   Can PrefixNE and PC Anywhere be installed on the same machine?   Where can I get an evaluation version of PrefixNE?   Can I use PrefixNE data with other report generation or data processing tools?   Is PrefixNE capable of remotely installing software packages?   How much RAM and disc space does the PrefixNE thin-agent take up?   How is security implemented with PrefixNE?   What transport protocols are supported by PrefixNE?   Can PrefixNE run on an NT Terminal Server?   I am using Windows 9x/Me/2000/NT/XP on my PCs. Can I use PrefixNE on these machines?   What OS platforms are supported by PrefixNE?   What platforms can be used for the PrefixNE repository?  
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